circular economy

the company has always been committed to the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development, in the pursuit of economic benefits at the same time pay more attention to social benefits, pay attention to the human and the natural harmony and unity, and strive to create a production development, life and health, ecological good civilization development path. companies follow the "reduction, reuse, recycle" principle, with "low consumption, low emission, high efficiency" as the basic features, and strive to the minimum cost of resources for economic development, the economic cost of the smallest protect environment, build saving and efficient green economic system.

our principle of circular economy

1.not to move or retreat to follow the principle of "3r" -- the reduction, reuse, resource;
2. not to move or retreat to implement the two increase -- to improve the efficiency of resources, improve the tons of acid burden amount;
3.three, not to move or retreat to implement the two lower -- reduce tons of acid ecological rucksacks, reduce end emissions;
4. not to move or retreat to the construction of "two oriented" enterprise -- ecotype, the resources saving enterprise;
5. not to move or retreat close to two -- the harmonious enterprise and harmonious society, the harmony between man and nature.