2013 : sister-company "shandong qufeng foodtech co., ltd." started to ran from october and the turnover was estimated 350 million usd".

2012 : succeeded in acquisition of jiangsu gadot nuobei biochemical co., ltd.

2012 : mother company invested 200 million usd to set a wheat deep-processing company "shandong qufeng foodtech co., ltd.". the main purpose is to minimize the cost of citric acid from the production chain, and to enlarge the product series as well.

2011 : production capacity enlarged to be 300,000.00mt a year.

2009 : closed the 1st production plant because of high energy consumer and high cost.

2008 : renamed from "shandong ttca biochemistry co., ltd." to "ttca co., ltd."

2005 : renamed from "shandong ningmeng biochemistry co., ltd." to "shandong ttca biochemistry co., ltd."

2004 : the 2nd production plant and power plant began to ran.

2001 : changed from state-owned company to 100% private company.

1986 : foundation - started citric acid producing.